Summer Refreshments

hello duchess readers. I am so happy to be here, while katherine is taking the longest exam everr. three days?!! I am chelsea from little lessons in a big city. and in a desperate attempt to hold tightly to summer [because I’m from a state that resembles the north pole come december], I am sharing with you 5 beverages to help us embrace the hot, steamy days.

5 summer refreshments to get you through those long summer days.

home-brewed iced coffee // the perfect way to start your morning.
iced coffee c/o
moscow mule // obviously. this refreshing + dangerously delicious cocktail should just be called “summer”
blueberry moscow mule //
grown-up pink lemonade // I encourage a pitcher of this accompany you to the pool, beach, or on a boat
adult pink lemonade c/o
fruity beer // not too sweet, not too heavy ..just right for your summer go-to brew
in the kitchen // summer beers c/o
infused water // add cucumbers, strawberries, mint, & lime. instantly refreshed
infused water c/o
now if summer could just slow down a bit, I’d be content.
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but more importantly …
GO KATHERINE!! you got this!!


Happy Study Session

Hiiii there, DOP readers! My name is Allie and I blog at Call Me Sassafras. My blog is mostly centered around design, productivity and my lifestyle, but what some people may not know is that I’m a microbiology/cell science student. Now, this isn’t nearly as intense as studying for the bar exam, but MCS (the nickname for my field) requires its share of work. 
I’m all about finding ways to make sometimes tedious things (like studying or work) suck a little bit less. I love taking care to brighten up a desk–because if you work at a desk all day, then those things brighten up your life. 

So these are my essentials for a bright, happy study session. A sunny print to remind you to keep working. A plant to keep your desk feeling fresh. A chic backpack for when you need to relocate to the nearest coffee shop. A poppy calendar to keep track of everything. Unique pencils for writing down all your genius thoughts.
Big hugs to Katherine for letting me visit her blog + for good luck on the bar exam! Come say hello to me at Call Me Sassafras!


Guest Post: Christmas in July

First, I just want to give a HUGE thank you to The Duchess of Plumewood for having me this week! I’m so excited to help babysit her wonderful blog while she rocks the Texas Bar Exam. As a newly minted Texan myself, I’m thrilled to know Texas is about to have a sassy new, super qualified lawyer!

Without fail, every year toward the end of July I hit what I call “The Summer Slump.” Now, don’t get me wrong, summer can be great – vacations, long sunny days, barbecues and lake weekends. But let me tell you a little secret, summer isn’t my favorite season. It’s almost taboo to speak badly of these summer months, but I’ve always preferred that perfect time of year around late fall/early winter. I’m a total sucker for the falling leaves, chilly nights and gift giving days that signal the holiday season. And after a couple of months of sweltering temps with the same pair of cut off shorts on repeat, I’m left day dreaming of colder weather (and a great pair of jeans). The grass is always greener on the other side, huh?

Christmas in July

Well sure enough, I’m currently wishing for cold nights curled up under blankets and warm holiday parties filled with family. If you’ve hit a summer slump, or just need a little end of July pick me up, here’s at little bit of Christmas in July to cure those summer blues:

{ Watch } Happy Christmas : Despite the title, this new movie isn’t just about Christmas. It stars Lena Dunham and Anna Kendrick and looks like it will provide the level of entertainment that we have come to expect from our favorite comedic leading ladies. Plus, two hours in a dark movie theatre provide the perfect escape from the summer heat.

{ Create } DIY Tassel Garland : Who says sparkles and garland are only for the holidays? Spice up your party decorations or transform your workspace with this sparkly tassel garland from HGTV. The festive garland will make every day feel like a celebration and help combat those summertime blues.

{ Party } Champagne Cocktails : Champagne shouldn’t be reserved for holidays and special occasions! Celebrate on a week night by inviting over some friends and sipping on these delicious Semifreddo Bellinis. Frozen peaches give a little hint of summer to the festive champagne.

{ Giggle } Amy Poehler + Christmas Carols : The always funny Amy Poehler harassing people on the streets of NYC and singing Christmas Carols? You had me at Amy Poehler. Get ready to sing along and laugh ’til you cry. And if you haven’t heard of Billy on the Street, pop on over there to watch all of Billy Eichner’s hilarious Funny or Die Videos. “You don’t know me?! YOU KNOW ME!” Love you, Amy Poehler.

Thanks for letting me step in for the Duchess, and if you want more inspiration from the crazy and fabulous, head on over to The Pazzesco Life! I’d love to have you!


Raise the Bar

Well the day has finally arrived. I start the Texas Bar tomorrow! It lasts until Thursday late afternoon! I will be gone for the rest of the week but I have a few lovely ladies taking over the blog this week so check back for some awesome content!

I hope yall have a better week that I do!

Wish Me Luck! 


Presently Speaking

my mom snapped this photo when I was studying in Austin over the 4th… I thought it applied here…

Feeling:  Stressed out. I take in the bar in 4 days. Kill me. 

Reading: Bar prep materials and the back of the cereal box because if I start a book I could get sucked down the book worm-hole.  

Listening to:  Mozart for the Mind. Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. Jane Eyre soundtrack. And other classical music. All while studying. 

Thankful for: My prayer cards from Snail Mail Design Shop because I’ve got them tacked up on the bulletin board over my computer, by my bed, in my computer bag, and in my car. Whenever I get stressed (read all the time) I grab one and it helps to take the edge off. Yeah. That’s right. I’m using JESUS to take the edge off not alcohol. 

Thinking about: Contracts, Sales, Torts, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Oil and Gas, Commercial Paper, Secured Transactions, Criminal Procedure, Wills, Estates, Evidence… want me to go on?

Eating: Whatever the heck I find in my fridge or pantry. Thanks to my mom making me go grocery shopping there’s actually food and I’m not eating raw ramen. 

Watching: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Loving: The one Bar Prep teacher who actually acts like they care and doesn’t just read from the outline. It’s like he WANTS me to succeed! 
Looking forward to: This time next week I’ll be done studying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s up with you?