Coffee Sleeves: My Way.

In the past few months because of Bar prep and finals before that I’ve seen more than my fair share of starbucks coffee drink sleeves. More than eight people’s fair shares to be honest. And while I’m being honest, I love every patriotic quote on the sleeves but the other one’s are kind of… boring. I mean Oprah you rock and everything and your words of wisdom are great but I need a little levity in my life. 

I don’t know why Starbucks didn’t ask me to create new drink sleeves, I mean obviously everything I’ve every done in my life has screamed the fact that I would be awesome at creating these things… (hahaha) but if Starbucks cut me a check (one that would pay off my student loans) these are some of the ideas I’d put on their drink sleeves. 

Starbucks, my email is under my contact page, I’m looking forward to discussing my terms with you. 

Which would you pick for your cup?


  • Lauren

    I wish I saw this a couple months ago for my cousin’s baby shower! Great advice!!