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Can you be self-confident without being egotistical? 

I was searching through my Soul Pancake book, which is amazing, and I found this question. My first reaction was No, those are basically descriptions of the same thing. Then, I paused for a moment and thought but wait, there are many people I know who are confident in themselves but I would never describe them as egotistical. But out of all the egotistical people I know, remember I’m a lawyer I know plenty, they are all self confident. 

So what is the difference? Is it the person who makes it different? Is it the portrayal that makes it different? Or is it something else? 

How does one become self confident without being egotistical? 

Thinking more and more on this I believe that self confidence and egotism are on the same line but egotism is one step farther down that line than self confidence. 

To me self confidence is believing in yourself. Not believing that every single thing you do is the best but believing that if something doesn’t go your way you can deal with it without completely disintegrating. Or that you have done your best and have prepared for your day as much as you could. Egotism on the other hand would be the absolute belief that every single thing you do is the only correct way to do it and you do not consider anyone else’s opinion or idea. 

Egotism’s mantra: It’s my way or the highway. 

Confidence’s mantra: Let’s do this. 

I’m not going to lie, there are many times when I’ve been squarely in the egotistical camp. Am I proud of that? No, but I cannot imagine there is anyone who hasn’t thought I’m correct you’re wrong before. Except Jesus, and he would be the only one who could really say that! 

So maybe you can ride that line between self-confidence and egotistical. As long as you don’t decide to set up shop in the egotistical camp I won’t call you egotistical. What do you think?

How are you confident about yourself?