Go Greek: Advice from Alums

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Happy Friday everyone! Today is the end of Rush Week here on The Duchess of Plumewood and I wanted to wrap up the week with some advice from alums from around the country! I asked them if they cold give you ONE and ONLY ONE piece of advice what would it be. Read below for what they want you to remember!

Krista has a fashion blog Covering The Bases which is fantastic! Amber writes a lovely blog, Mr. Thomas and Me, about her and her better half which I never fail to read everyday! Lindsey and Courtney work together on Little Problems and we’ll be hosting a giveaway in a few weeks! 

Remember everyone of these lovely ladies basically said the same thing in their emails: 

Be yourself! 

Check out all the other rush posts: Parties, Lingo, Documents, and Outfits!

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck during rush!


  • http://www.iris-hanlin.com/ Country Girl’s Daybook
  • http://theprincessoftea.blogspot.ca/ Kayla

    Love this! Joining a Sorority was one of the best decisions of my life