Go Greek: Get Your Papers in Order

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Register: You have to register via your college to participate in rush. Each university has a different process so make sure to sign on right now and register! There will be a cut off date and they will not waiver on that!

Resume: Here is an example of what your resume should (could) look like. Make sure it isn’t over one page and since this is for a job there are different things you can put on the resume. Usually you’ll have to upload your resume when you register but I’d also send a printed one in with your packet that goes directly to the sorority house. Extra points if it’s printed on the sorority’s color paper!

Photos: You’ll usually have to upload pictures when you register but again like your resume you’ll want to send in nicely printed ones (read: not on printer paper) with your packet. Make sure your pictures showcase you and have a couple different shots so the actives can see all about you!

Facebook/Social Media: Clean these up! The actives will check them. They will find someone who can see your profile (if you have it set to private) and they will go through everything. e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. So if you stop and think about a picture just take it down. Rule of Thumb: if it would make your grandmother blush take it down. 

Recommendation: These letters are from alums who are recommending you to the actives. The alums need only be from the same sorority, not the same university. I went to Texas A&M and was a Zeta Tau Alpha, so I could write a rec letter for someone I know who wants to have a rec letter for Zeta, no matter what university they are attending. Make a list of the sororities at your university and make sure you get at least one rec letter for each sorority! Two is better but one is needed! You also need to ask these people now because usually they have to fill out forms online via their online alum portals. If the person writing your rec letter isn’t required to send the letter in themselves then offer to pick it up and send it in your packet to the sorority houses. 

Reference Letter: This is a letter from an active. Since the actives at your university are forbidden to talk with the PNMs going through their rush they can’t talk to you but these are for the actives you know at other schools. If you have good friends from high school that pledged at different universities than you will be attending they can write you a reference letter. Include these letters in your packet to the sororities! 

What goes in your packet?
This packet is a large mailing envelope that goes to each sorority house. Include: Resume (printed on each sorority’s color), recommendation letters, reference letters, and a small envelope containing 3-4 pictures. The sororities get most of this information through the registration process but it’s better if nice copies (not folded) get sent directly to the sorority house. Make sure to attn: Recruitment Director or whatever their title is. 

Check back tomorrow for outfit ideas for each day of Rush!


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