Go Greek: Lingo & Definitions

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Active: An initiated collegiate member of a sorority. 

Bid: An invitation to join a sorority. If you accept your bid you are then a New Member of the sorority. 

Bid Day: The day you receive your bids! After opening your bid you go to the sorority house for a huge party where you meet your new pledge class, party with all the older girls, eat some food, and have an all around awesome time!

Legacy: A daughter, sister or granddaughter of an initiated member of a sorority. Typically, different groups have different definitions of legacies. Being a legacy does not guarantee a bid to a particular sorority. Each inter/national organization has its own policy for invitations to legacies during recruitment

New Member/Pledge: You have been offered a bid by a sorority but have not been formally initiated yet. 

Pledge Class/PC 14: You pledge class is the group of girls with whom you pledge with. You’ll be known at PC 14 since you pledged in 2014. 

PNM: Potential New Member. These are the ladies who are not in a sorority and who are going through rush. 

Preference Night/Pref Night/Pref: The last night of parties before PNMs are given their bids. Your party list has been narrowed down to 2-3 and you visit each of the remaining houses to see in which preference order you will list the sororities on your card. 

Recruitment/Rush: The formal process by which new members for each sorority are chosen. This can be formal or informal depending on your university. 
Rho Gamma/Rho Chi: The ladies who are leading the PNMs around during rush. Usually they have disaffiliated from their sorority and are supposed to be an unbiased sounding board for the PNMs. 

Suiciding: Also known as Intentional Single Preferencing, when a woman lists only one chapter on her membership recruitment acceptance binding agreement following preference night.

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