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Depending on your University’s Recruitment System you will have between four and possibly six days parties. I’ve never had the chance to meet anyone who went beyond six days and of those that went through six I’ve only met one! So for sake of sanity let’s say you have 4-5. 

Day 1: Open House Day

These parties will be very short. This day will be very long. This day will overwhelm you. You will visit every single house, you’ll be lined up outside and when the clock strikes that magic time the doors will be thrown open, there will be tons of screaming, perhaps a chant, bouncing and clapping, and you’ll be met at the door and brought in by a member. She’ll lead you to a special spot in basically the middle of a room and you’ll talk, and talk, and someone else will come up and you’ll talk, and talk, and another person will come up, and it keeps going on until they lead you out. Let me just go ahead and let you know that the women you talk to will know your entire resume. They’ll know you were in student council, they’ll know your name, they’ll know you volunteer at the food bank. 

Have a “go-to” conversation topic in your back pocket just in case your mind goes blank! My favorites are: getting involved in student organizations, the first football game, or perhaps the world cup. Stay away from the three Bs: boys, beds, and booze. 

Day 2/3: House Tour/Philanthropy Day

Philanthropy day is when the different sororities tell you about their national and local philanthropies they support. Every single member is incredibly dedicated to their service and the best thing you can do on these days is to ask questions about the fundraisers they put on during the year and to be interested in the facts they present. Some chapters have a small craft to do while they educate you, some play a slide show and some have people talk to you. Whatever the day holds please act with respect because every single girl in that chapter has been touched by their philanthropy and they will take any slight personally. 

Ask about their fundraisers and be interested in the facts. Find a way to connect to each sororities cause, did your friend’s mother have breast cancer, were you a girl scout, did you volunteer to feed the homeless, do you find reading to kids incredibly important? Make a personal connection to the cause and the sorority. 
If this is Hour Tour day you’ll be given a tour and everything will be spotless, which it will rarely be again! Some chapters skip this or some combine the house tour and philanthropy day. It all depends on what they pick. If the house you’re in just goes straight to philanthropy stay again from asking to see the house. 

Day 3/4: Skit Night

Skit night is probably the chapter’s favorite night! The women who are performing for you have worked very hard for weeks, so enjoy it! They are usually filled with funny sketches, amazing dances and beautiful singing. The member who is “assigned” to you on that specific night will be watching you so make sure to show your emotion: laugh, gasp, clap etc. Remember the parts you enjoy best and discuss them with your member after the show! 

 Please do not over do it but a well placed compliment goes a long way! Pick up clues from those members who aren’t in the skit, when their cheers are genuine and remember those parts to remark on later. 

Day 4/5: Pref Night

Pref Night is the last night of parties. These parties are the longest and usually include refreshments. Please eat them, usually the women are not supposed to eat unless you do! When you are picked up at the door on Pref Night you will usually recognize the member who brings you in. This girl probably scored you high on a previous day and wanted to see you again! This is the time to ask any lingering questions you have, you want to leave with a concrete “feel” for the house. The best house for you might not necessarily be the “best” house on campus, the “smartest” house or the “most fun” house. You want to be in a house where you feel at home. I know this sounds cheesy but you will notice it by Pref Night. There is will be one house where you feel the most comfortable and where you feel like you “click” with all the members you have talked to. This is the house you want.

You are allowed to tell the member how you feel. If this is house for you tell them that. Tell them why you like the house. No member is allowed to give you an “oral bid” which you will find out about during your Recruitment Orientation so please do not try to ‘trick’ them into making one. 

Check back everyday this week for more Rush information and tips! 

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  • http://quietgirlnoisycity.blogspot.com/ Erika

    Wow, most people only go to 4-5 parties? When I was rushing in undergrad we went to 9 open house parties on the first day! They were very short, and very exhausting, for sure, but I totally thought that was a normal thing.

  • http://quietgirlnoisycity.blogspot.com/ Erika

    Oh, good, haha, I thought my school was just crazy for a minute.