Go Greek: Rush Week

It’s Rush Week here on The Duchess of Plumewood! What does that mean? That means that every day this week I will be discussing different parts of Sorority Recruitment for your enjoyment, edification, or mild perusal. 

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This series is geared towards those who will be going through Rush in the near future and who really have no idea what rush is. But I believe that everyone who will be going through rush will get something out of this series. So even if you’re a triple legacy or you have no clue what a legacy is, you’ll find some information here. 

Personally, I was the latter. I was the first one in my family to go through rush, the first one to to do anything remotely greek so I understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed or to not understand anything people talk about. I went to a meeting with a friend’s mother who was an adviser for a sorority at The University of Texas. She explained everything to a select few of us who actually wanted to know as much about this process before we jumped into it. That meeting helped and it’s my hope that this series will help you just the same!

Let me give you an overview of this week: 

On Monday we Party
On Tuesday we Translate
On Wednesday we wear pink Document.
On Thursday we Dress.
On Friday we Advise

If you have any questions about rush or about anything else for that matter just shoot me an email!