Go Greek: What to Wear

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So one of the downsides of Rush is that because of how short some of the parties are there are snap decisions. And let’s face it, as women, some of those snap judgments are going to be based on how you’re dressed. The upside? I find that when you look good you feel good and you grow more confident in yourself. When you’re confident you have that little extra something that people are drawn to! So here are some outfit ideas for each day of Rush.

Go Greek Day: Today will be hot and you want to be comfortable in each house you visit and when walking between all the houses. This purse is big enough (and on sale enough) to hold everything you need, like water, a mini fan, face blotters, and spare makeup. This outfit is easy, breezy, and classic. 

Rush: Round One

Philanthropy Day: Round two is more dressed up than the first day but you still want to make sure you’re comfortable because you’ll still have quite a list of houses to visit. These heels are a tad more dressy than the day before but they still are low enough to be comfortable. Today I’d dress up your jewels a bit so you can keep your clothing simpler. This patterned skirt is fun and bright and makes a great statement!

Rush: Round Two

top, skirt, shoes, necklace, earrings, bracelet

Skit Night: On skit night your party schedule has been cut down and you don’t have to walk as much and you’ll also be sitting down inside the house watching the skit so adding some height to your heels is a good idea. Also, I’d go straight to a dress, no more separates, to add that extra touch of dressiness. 

Rush: Round Three

Pref Night: This is the night to make your last impression. If you’re not comfortable in neon, this dress also comes in navy and red! You’ll be sitting for most if not all of the night so your heels just have to look good and con’t make you trip while walking in and out of the house. (pack flip flops in your purse so you can wear those while walking between the houses if you have a hike) But you want to think cocktail attire for pref night. These neon/brights would look so good with that summer tan you’re working on!
Rush: Round Four

Remember these are just ideas of outfits! Take the spirit of each and make them your own! You want your outfit to reflect your personality because you want to find the best spot for you, not for anyone else. Trust your intuition! 

Check back tomorrow to see what advice alums have for you!


  • Allie Gannon

    Love! Those ensembles are spot on for Recruitment! I kind of want them all to wear “just because”!