Good Guest’s Guide: Baby Showers

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1. Ooo and Ahh over that sonogram and the plans for whatever the mom-to-be has in store for that bun she’s cookin. Or in some cases the baby might be there, then give the kid a cuddle. The mom will do the same for you… plus if you don’t you do not want to be on the bad end of the hormone spike…

2. Enjoy the non-alcoholic drinks. You can always hit the bar later. You can even make it a double. Heck you can even have one in a sippy cup to stay in the mood. 

3. Bring a gift. If the info isn’t on the invitation then ask the host, those burp cloths don’t come cheap. But hey you don’t have to go broke, a cute onezie works. 

4. Participate in the games. Who cares if you get hives if you wear pink, you best wrap yourself in that pink crepe paper and act like you love every moment of it. You can use calamine lotion later.

5. Give your guy a pass. Some baby showers have been turning into couples baby showers… let your guy off and send him to watch sports. If your guy really wants to go then…uh…coooooool

5.5 if there is no due date pool happening then make one. Make that happen stat because that sh*t is fun!