Happy Study Session

Hiiii there, DOP readers! My name is Allie and I blog at Call Me Sassafras. My blog is mostly centered around design, productivity and my lifestyle, but what some people may not know is that I’m a microbiology/cell science student. Now, this isn’t nearly as intense as studying for the bar exam, but MCS (the nickname for my field) requires its share of work. 
I’m all about finding ways to make sometimes tedious things (like studying or work) suck a little bit less. I love taking care to brighten up a desk–because if you work at a desk all day, then those things brighten up your life. 

So these are my essentials for a bright, happy study session. A sunny print to remind you to keep working. A plant to keep your desk feeling fresh. A chic backpack for when you need to relocate to the nearest coffee shop. A poppy calendar to keep track of everything. Unique pencils for writing down all your genius thoughts.
Big hugs to Katherine for letting me visit her blog + for good luck on the bar exam! Come say hello to me at Call Me Sassafras!