Nightstand Reading

As if bar prep couldn’t get any worse, I cannot pick up a book/open an e-book, without feeling guilty. I mean I have NEVER felt guilt opening a book before. Excitement? Yes. Tingly anticipation? For sure. Wonder? Heck yes. Guilt? NOPE. 

But now I feel guilt because I’m not studying and I will put my foot through a glass window before I let a book be tainted by my own guilt. 

So I quite literally have two stacks of physical books and a slew of un-read e-books that are just waiting for the bar to be over for me to spend a full week doing nothing but reading and working out. 

Here are some of the ones I’m most looking forward to: 

The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent by Susan Elia MacNeal 
This book just came out and my book club read the 3rd in the series (this book is the 4th in the series) before we realized that there were two books we probably should have read before… whoops! But why I don’t I give you three reasons why I’m going to love this book? 1) Maggie Hope is British. 2) The Prime Minister they refer to is Churchill. 3) Because MacNeal weaves a mad awesome story!

It Happened One Wedding by Julie James
Again, this book is one in a series, but this series is about lawyers. Bad*ss awesome US Attorneys. Seriously! And FBI agents etc but mostly about attorneys. I mean hello! Yeah they are romance books but I’m not embarrassed about that. Plus, great beach reads!

The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn
This book just looks like plain fun! The main character is a hitman who works for this ‘hitman firm’ who places their hitmen as interns in the workplaces of people they’re contracted kill. I think the entire premise is hilarious, especially because I’ve spent the past three years as an intern!

Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan
I read Sullivan’s first novel, Commencement, with my book club and while I wouldn’t say it was a happy book, it was an incredible discussion and examination of friendships. This book deals with family relationships and I’m expecting it be just as up front and honest as Commencement. Which makes me pretty excited!

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
I read Fangirl, also by Rainbow Rowell, which reminded me of my own fangirl obsession with HP, and I loved her style of writing. It’s more quirky than elegant, more pop rocks than caramel, which makes reading her books a fun experience. It’s like reading real life instead of a perfectly scripted book. I love how she brings all the nitty gritty of life into her writing.

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
This author is actually two women who write together and they started with another series Beautiful B*stard and I’ve read all of those and yeah as you can probably tell the series is sometimes explicit, in the vein of Fifty Shades, but if you can get past that they write some great stories! This book is the beginning of a new series for them which I’m super thrilled about. PS their first book BB is being made into a MOVIE!

So if you’re not studying for a test that will give you grey hair, stress that makes you sick, and nightmares of failing then you should grab some of these books and get to reading! Let me know how you like them!

You can see more of what’s on my to-read list here

What books are on your nightstand?