Presently Speaking

this picture was taken my birthday night in Selcuk, Turkey!

Feeling: Refreshed. Spending time traveling and making myself not worry about anything law related has been refreshing. It’s been good for my mind, my soul, and my body. I feel great! 

Reading:   Outlander! I watched the first episode of the starz series, but since I don’t have starz I can’t keep going, and I loved it! So I’m starting the series! I figure I can’t get through the entire series on this trip so I should be good!

Listening to:   The call to prayer. It still wakes me up every morning but while I, at first, found it intense, I now find it rather wonderful. Even though I’m not Muslim I like how you feel the bells in your entire body. It’s as if the entire city or Allah is personally calling Muslims to come pray. I must admit, I’ve started saying a quick prayer or having a conversation with Jesus when I hear the bells. I think God approves. 

Thankful for: My mother. She’s my travel companion and my best friend. Without her I wouldn’t be on this trip and I would not have gotten to experience half of the things I do. She’s wonderful. 

Thinking about: What I’m going to see tomorrow!

Eating:  Anything and everything ethnic I can. I like some, I dislike some, and I love some. I’m bringing home some spices that I am planning on incorporating into my everyday life!

Watching: Real Housewives of New Jersey! And what else…. oh yeah, Tyrant, Rizzoli & Isles, Game of Crowns, The Last Ship, and The Musketeers… yeah I’ve been watching a lot of tv! 

Loving: The fact that I celebrated my birthday in another country! How awesome is that?! 

Looking forward to:  Tomorrow. It’s going to be a great day and I cannot wait to see what it brings! 

What’s up with you?


Twenty Six

Today I am 26!

This picture was taken yesterday at the ancient Bursa silk market. In it I’m sweaty, shiny, and smelly. I’ve got blisters on my feet, that are bleeding inside my shoes, from walking 10+ miles plus hauling my duffel bag and backpack up hills and stairs. My face has broken out, I have a large amount of bug bites, and I’ve got a blooming heat rash over 80% of my body. Seriously, red splotches and bumps on my legs, arms, neck, and face. I woke up this morning have way around the world from home in Bursa, I miss people back in the states like a permanent ache, and I’m spending my twenty sixth birthday riding a public bus for 7 hours, but hey I’m in TURKEY, so I can’t really complain!

I was reflecting on turning 26 last night after getting back to the hotel after we went and observed the Whirling Dervish service at a Dervish Lodge.

I feel like I should know everything at 26 but the truth is I don’t. I’m willing to bet money (dollars, euros, lira, whatever) that I don’t know anything.
Maybe it’s time to shake things up, do things I said I’d never do, say things that I want to say, start acting on impulses, and attempt to be the person I wish I was.
Is this a quarter life crisis? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s not a crisis but an awakening. A wake up call to that fact that most people don’t live to be 100 and I might be actually past a quarter of my life and that means I need to start living it in ways that make me happy and feel good. It means that every morning I have a decision: do I want to be happy or do I want to be negative? I need to choose happy. I need to make the conscious choice.
Whether that means making myself happy that day or choosing to do something that will make me happy the next week or working towards happy in years to come. I figure if my goal is happy then I’ll stumble into other good feelings along the way!
So here’s to this year!
Choose Happy.

Want to choose happy with me?

shirt: gap, shorts: jcrew factory, shoes: nike, purse: mulberry, bracelet: the ropes maine, watch: kate spade, headband: length of fabric


Tour the Topkapi

shirt: loft, skirt: I made it via this simple tutorial, scarf: lilly pulitzer, bag: coach, sunnies: rayban, shoes: jack rogers, watch: kate spade (sold out), bracelets: the ropes maine & hm willow, earrings: loren hope, necklace: cocoon jewels

If you follow me on instagram you know I’m in Turkey! And LOVING it! It’s crazy hot and crazy humid so I really didn’t want to run around the city in long sleeves and long skirts. However, when you tour mosques as a woman your head, shoulders, and legs must be covered so I’ve compromised by wearing scarves! 

The key to all my outfits on the trip are the three C’s: Cool, Comfy, Casual Chic. I wanted to look put together but still be able to walk 9+ miles a day around the city!

Istanbul is simply amazing! We leave to travel around the entire country today where there will be some crazy adventures and off the beaten path sights! Stay tuned! 


Strapless Blue Yonder

dress: lilly pulitzer (sold out), wedges: elaine turner, bracelets: hm willow & kaitlin kendall, rings: treasureimports, earrings: kendra scott

I wore this to my grandfather’s 80th birthday celebration in Minnesota! I sometimes feel a tad overdressed around my family in Minnesota but hey it’s better to be overdressed than under-dressed right? Right! 

This Lilly dress travels great in a suitcase and translates well from barefoot on the beach to a nice restaurant. While this particular Lilly dress is sold out here are a few of my other favorites that are similar and would work too! Long option and Short option.

I love these wedges with the dress too! They are so comfortable and they blend so well in to my tan and when I’m super pale they don’t look out of place! Did I mention how comfortable they are? They have memory foam in the soles… I mean how awesome is that! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!