Excellent Summer Movies

Yall I have a confession. 

I love movies. 

No. I LOVE movies.

There are many times that I’ve done double features. Two movies in a row. So good. 

But I have very strict guidelines of what movies I will see. I won’t see sad movies or scary movies, with few exceptions. Very few. Multiple people can attest to that. 

I like to see movies where I leave happy or inspired. I like to leave smiling not crying. So some of my favorite movies I will watch over and over again because they just make me smile! Some of my favorites are Pitch Perfect, Crazy Stupid Love (which I sort of just talked about), The Mummy, How to Train Your Dragon, The Goonies, Step Up, The Wedding Date, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. 

So when Danielle from Studio Movie Grill enticed me to check out Danielle and Lexie’s Excellent Summer Series I was only too eager to say Yes! I got to go see Pitch Perfect in theaters (and just sing along under my breath) which was obviously awesome! Did you know they’re in the process of making a Pitch Perfect 2? So excited! Or should I say… Eeexxxcellent! (please tell me you got the Bill and Ted reference tie in here…)

This week they’ve got Legally Blonde, Crazy Stupid Love and Bridget Jones on the docket! How appropriate for me right? I mean I’ve just taken the bar for law school and I’m blonde. I’m crazy, sometimes stupid, and apparently out of luck in the love department. And Bridget Jones just can’t get any better! 

Best part? Tickets are only TWO DOLLARS. TWO. As in one TWO. Plus, you can get $5 pineapple crush cocktails… oh yeah! 

So please blow off working out tonight and go see Legally Blonde even though working out gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy… but in this case Elle Woods and Pineapple Crush Cocktails are going to make you happy!

full disclosure: this post is sponsored by studio movie grill but all thoughts are my own (you can be sure of that!)