Loire Valley, France

I spent a summer in Paris (rough I know) when I was in college and I spent my weekends traveling all over France and Europe. The EuroRail pass was the best investment of  the trip besides a 1 euro fan that helped me beat the non-normal heat. I highly recommend the pass to anyone that is spending a considerable amount of time in Europe and would like to travel. Traveling through the Loire Valley was an incredible experience. Wandering through castles and gardens bigger than the castles never got old. 

Can’t make it to the Loire Valley just yet? Let’s just take a moment to travel there together via these lovely photos. 

How was that for a five minute vacation?


  • http://www.iris-hanlin.com/ The Starving Inspired

    I just applied for a passport yesterday… Europe, here I come!

    The Starving Inspired

  • http://theprincessoftea.blogspot.ca/ Kayla

    I love that Chateau! I was there last year and I found it so beautiful!

  • Katherine Nolden

    Don’t you wish you could stare at it everyday!?

  • Katherine Nolden

    So exciting! That’s great! Where are you going!

  • Katherine Nolden

    Thanks Erika! You must go back! Paris is great for the monuments and history but the surrounding areas are so lovely!!

  • http://theprincessoftea.blogspot.ca/ Kayla