Presently Speaking

this picture was taken my birthday night in Selcuk, Turkey!

Feeling: Refreshed. Spending time traveling and making myself not worry about anything law related has been refreshing. It’s been good for my mind, my soul, and my body. I feel great! 

Reading:   Outlander! I watched the first episode of the starz series, but since I don’t have starz I can’t keep going, and I loved it! So I’m starting the series! I figure I can’t get through the entire series on this trip so I should be good!

Listening to:   The call to prayer. It still wakes me up every morning but while I, at first, found it intense, I now find it rather wonderful. Even though I’m not Muslim I like how you feel the bells in your entire body. It’s as if the entire city or Allah is personally calling Muslims to come pray. I must admit, I’ve started saying a quick prayer or having a conversation with Jesus when I hear the bells. I think God approves. 

Thankful for: My mother. She’s my travel companion and my best friend. Without her I wouldn’t be on this trip and I would not have gotten to experience half of the things I do. She’s wonderful. 

Thinking about: What I’m going to see tomorrow!

Eating:  Anything and everything ethnic I can. I like some, I dislike some, and I love some. I’m bringing home some spices that I am planning on incorporating into my everyday life!

Watching: Real Housewives of New Jersey! And what else…. oh yeah, Tyrant, Rizzoli & Isles, Game of Crowns, The Last Ship, and The Musketeers… yeah I’ve been watching a lot of tv! 

Loving: The fact that I celebrated my birthday in another country! How awesome is that?! 

Looking forward to:  Tomorrow. It’s going to be a great day and I cannot wait to see what it brings! 

What’s up with you?


  • The Starving Inspired

    Rizzoli and Isles cracks me up. Those two remind me of my best friend and I… (my best friend is the smart one, definitely not me lol)

    The Starving Inspired