Stripes on the Fairway

top: jcrew factory, shorts: jcrew factory, shoes: jack rogers, purse: kate spade sold out (similar), hat: target in stores only, watch: kate spade, rings: treasure imports, sunnies: rayban, earrings: kendra scott, bracelets: the ropes maine, hm willow, kaitlyn kendall, lilly pulitzer

I’m on my way home from a great weekend with my family in Minnesota (more on that tomorrow) and I wanted to share the outfit that kept me cool while watching my cousin play in the annual amateur golf tournament the town holds. This tourney isn’t some rinky dink thing, it’s pretty legit. My cousin is in high school golf and was beating some college ranked players! Good for you Ben!

Anyway, I knew that a day out walking around in the sun wasn’t going to be as cool (literally I mean) as spending the day in the lake but I was game. After all I’m used to Texas heat and this is just Minnesota heat… I’ve got it covered. 

This hat is probably one of my best purchases this summer. I’ve had a panama hat for 3 years now. My first was one that I bought on vacation in a little store and it was authentic, I absolutely loved it and I wore that thing out in a year. Last summer when it came time to buy a new one, I didn’t want to pay exorbitant shipping fees for an authentic so I went the jcrew route. It worked just fine and was keeping up with my use until Winston decided it looked like a super fun thing to eat. 

Earlier this summer I hadn’t found one yet and I didn’t want to buy jcrew again because they don’t have sizes and let’s face it, I’ve got a big head. Cue the chuckles and insults from my uncles. But seriously, my head is large and in charge. Then I’m walking past the men’s accessories section in target a few weeks ago (it’s right on the way to fitting rooms!) and boom there are target style panama hats IN SIZES. Bought immediately. This thing is great and after I take it off it doesn’t leave a mark on my head! 

I love you target.

How was your weekend?