Weekend Links

Hope your week has been amazing and relaxing! I’ve been reading, laying in the sun, and working out. It’s been AWESOME. Use your weekend to peruse these links because they’re pretty amazing too!

{what you might have missed here in plumewood}

This giveaway to start off August right!

Fivers: five study essentials, five summer cocktails, five reasons to get on board with Christmas in the summer 

Do you know someone going through Rush soon? Are they Rush Ready

I’m already five books into the stack on my nightstand. What are you reading this summer?

The recap of the horrifying experience that was the Texas Bar Exam

{what you want to see around the interwebs}

This is a few weeks ago but have you read the Harry Potter “gossip” column from J K Rowling? Now here’s hoping she actually writes more books from the magical world. If not adult Harry, Ron, and Hermione then perhaps the four founders? Yeah buddy! 

Are you following this instagram account? If not, you’re going to wish you were… get on it. NOW. It’s all for charity! 

600 years of slang for doing it, the middle schooler in me just giggled

This just made all kinds of Harry Potter & Frozen sense to me

These camera straps give back to charity and they’re super cute! I might need to order one before I head over to Turkey! I mean how lovely is this one in avacado?! It would most definitely go with the green turkish towels I’m going to buy in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul! 

While #15 on this list never happened in the books yet I still got chills and wanted to see it in the movies because… *too many feelings to write*

I knew there were actual scientific reasons for why I always get eaten by mosquitoes and my friends don’t! Now I know I’m not imagining it and I know to pack extra mosquito spray…
I made my own rose water and I am obsessed! Being enveloped in the scent of rose always reminds me of being in Queen Mary’s rose garden in London. 

This is the alphabet my children will learn… Always.