27 Before 27

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Another year another Birthday Bucket List! I think I’ve only fully completed one of these BBL’s but they sure do get me to branch out and stop from sitting on my butt! Make sure to check out my 26 before 26 list with completed links!

1. Completely unplug for 24 hours
2. Get a full time job
3. Go to a festival or street fair
4. Shoot at a gun range
5. Golf at Top Golf
6. Learn (and preform) the entire Thriller dance
7. Try 10 new restaurants
8. Take a hot air balloon ride
9. Paint something
10. Bake a four layer cake from scratch
11. Learn how to play chess
12. Get a new stamp in my passport
13. Ride a Vespa
14. Go on a blind date
15. Pass the Bar
16. Recite ‘The Night Before Christmas’ on the night before Christmas
17. Do the polar bear plunge
18. Back to a **** * (sorry that one is private)
19. Bake popovers
20. Take blog to over 700 followers
21. Watch the sun rise
22. Take the Scientology pre-test… just for s & g
23. Buy lemonade from a kid’s lemonade stand… tip generously
24. Win a case
25. Play legit BINGO ($$$)
26. Make a 28 Before 28 list
27. Read 27 Books

Do you have a Birthday Bucket List? What would you put on yours? Which of these are you most excited to hear about?

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