Thoughts while watching How to Get Away with Murder

After watching two minutes of How to Get Away with Murder I powered up my laptop and decided to give you my thoughts as I watch this law school drama. Heavy emphasis on drama because let’s face it the main drama in law school is your class rank, gpa, stress levels, emotional breakdowns, and trying to break the curve. NOT KILLING SOMEONE AND COVERING IT UP. 

Yall I cannot even begin to tell you how hard I was laughing at this show last night. Don’t get me wrong, great show, love the cast (hello Dean Thomas from Harry Potter!), going to watch it forever, but THIS IS NOT LAW SCHOOL. 

I have a feeling law school applications are going to rocket because of this show similar to what CSI did for applications to whatever kind of school you go to to become a CSI tech. People this is not law school. NOT LAW SCHOOL!’

Anyway. Here you go. A recent law school grad’s thoughts while watching How to Get Away Murder


WHO is dead? WHO!!?? Who are these kids? Where the bajesus are they? 

No one clerks for a chief justice before their first year. Idiot. People do vomit before your first day though. I did. 

Your criminal law class teaches you what mens rea and actus reus is. Professors don’t assume you know the first day. The Socratic method is real and alive people. You do have to stand up when called on. And you want to faint. 

Professor asks a question and the entire class raises their hand? Only gunners raise their hands (I did) The actual number is more about 1/8 of the class. 

Side note: can Dean/Mr Gibbons be anymore like Elle Woods? You prepare for the first day. This reminds me of my friend Mikey who got called on the first day of property and fumbled that football too… oh mikey. It’s true, this does happen people! 

Laughing at the “waitlist” comment wouldn’t happen. You get in to law school and you’re all on equal footing. Dean can ruin your curve jerks, watch out. You’ll rue the day you laughed at him.

No way in hell would a defense attorney bring a real client to interview with her first year class. Or any class. More Legally Blonde here. I’m waiting for endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.

side note: Frank is hot. 

Immunity idol? Give me a break. Plus you don’t have multiple exams in law school classes. You have ONE and that is your only grade. You can’t skip that. 

Dean has a soccer poster on his wall like he does in HP! Wouldn’t it be cool if this one moved? Because the one in HP didn’t… you feel me? 

What are the creepy finger nail marks? Did Supernatural shoot a episode here?

Bleach? Are you kidding me? Yeah bang the dead person’s head into the column idiots. 

Mrs. Pratt engaged chick has got some mad lying skills. I like her. She also has got a presence. 

British chick? Why are you here? Are you getting your LLM? 

Guy without the tie, you’re hot. I hope you get picked for this competition that would never happen in real life.

Self defense? I probably would have chuckled too. 

1) discredit witnesses 
2) introduce new suspect
3) bury the evidence
Why am I taking notes?

Miss Pratt’s skirt in court too short. And running into court, bad form… oh you’ve got something… chick you bad ass. I really like you. Color blind! GET IT. Calling a medical provider and pretending to be her attorney is illegal. You just broke the law and then told people about it stupid. Wow you’re both stupid and smart. 

This is like Legally Blonde. We’ve got perms and color blindness. 

Who is this lyla stanguard? It’s like gone girl flyers. 

OMG keating is with a man. DAMN his muscles. 

Oh Dean’s name is Wes. Yeah I don’t think I can call him that. He’ll always be Dean to me. Dang him and Neville grew up nicely… 

Another flashback which is really a flashforward…Father christmas over here singing jingle bells with a body in the car. Oh those lyrics just got creepy. Damn cute guy got weird… Wait Is he gay now? I’m confused. No he just said IT is very cool. He’s using this guy. OMG he IS gay. 

This email wouldn’t be admissible. That is very improper. 

Pink lipstick and pink tweed. Bye Felicia. 

OMG the wife and the mistress are in on something! 

Who is the crazy neighbor girl with the weird makeup and angry man friend?!

This guy talking about dog bones is wearing an ascot and he cannot pull it off. OH dang Keating is cheating on her husband. 

If you’re drinking to first year yall are going to need more than one drink. 

OMG ascot student is not part of the burial group. Is he the one that’s dead? 

Frank. You are working that beard. And that vest. damn. Brown graduate girl: you make me want to shake you. Stop being so naive. 

Keating is apologizing? She’s lying. She’s a PROFESSIONAL LIAR DEAN! Now she’s touching you. Overwhelming your senses to freak you out. 

Yep I always look in mirrors when I cry. Come on Keating be original.

Oh dang blonde associate has got it bad for Professor’s husband. That is going to be a good. 

Careful Dean it’s not fire whisky… hahaha 

The defense would get this video footage before they play it to the entire courtroom. WHAT is that woman wearing? Blue leather? Sick. We need a legally blonde moment here “don’t stomp your last season prada shoes at me honey” or “take that hideous 80s blue leather jacket and plastic earrings off”


Dean is about to jump out of his skin he is so uncomfortable

If the cop says yes he’s screwed…. oh damn he said yes. Doubt people. That is DOUBT. 

Okay let’s get one thing straight: the jury does not find innocent, they just do not find them guilty. There is a difference. 

Yeah right she would hire first year law students. Good one.

OMG dead girl in the water tank. Did the creepy neighbor kill her? Or the football boyfriend? Or Keating’s husband? 

Hahahahahaha “I betcha the boyfriend did it”

They are unrolling the body! Who is it? WHO ARE YOU DEAD PERSON????? Oh you’re burning the body? Teeth survive burning losers. Where is ascot boy?!?!


I’m hooked. 

See you next Thursday Professor Keating. 

What did yall think of HTGAWM Murder?