Turkey: III

Enjoy shots from Pamukkale, Kayakoy, and our sailing trip along the Turquoise Coast!



the sleeping giant

{The Turquoise Coast}

In Pamukkale we visited the World Heritage site where there are thermal pools and travertines. There is also a necropolis of the city that is basically still buried under the hills. An amazing roman era theatre has been excavated and gave us all chills as you can see where the gladiators and lions were let loose from under the stage. Also, the sheer size and magnitude of the theatre was incredible. We swam in a hot springs pool that, in it’s original grandeur, Cleopatra swam in! Hey if Cleo had to try it you know the Duchess did…

Kayakoy is the ghost town that was home to Greeks before the great Greek-Turkish population exchange. After those Greek living in Turkey were forced to emigrate the town was left to decay. The culture of the Turkish people is that it is bad luck to live in someone’s house where there has been bad karma (so to speak). We also hiked the Lycian trail, which was both lovely and an intense workout. It was also a historical geek fest for me. I mean the LYCIAN TRAIL! 

Sailing along the Turquoise Coast was quite possibly the most fun part of our trip! Living for two days on a boat, sailing up and down the mix of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, sleeping on the deck looking up at millions of stars, stopping to see an ancient roman castle, and swimming every day (following sea turtles!!!!!!!!), I mean rough life right? 

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