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{what you might have missed here in plumewood}

15 books to read before you turn 30

these pictures from my trip to turkey. caution: might cause severe wanderlust

my 27 before 27 list

easy halloween costumes that you can scrounge from your closet (for the most part)

your chance to win real Turkish Towels straight from Turkey

{what you want to see around the interwebs}

this buzzfeed post about banned books in which I found out that Captain Underpants has been challenged more than Fifty Shades of Grey… I guess that the partial nudity in CU really beats outs the Red Room of Pain in Fifty Shades…

Why pant sales in Texas have been skyrocketing… and it’s been HOT here people! 

If you haven’t watched Emma Watson’s UN speech yet you need to press play because it will change your life. #heforshe2014 

How Disney basically outlined our dating lives… oh and #4 hit on me the other day… great. Now I guess I just need to check off the rest of the numbers to get to #10.

I need this hat. I can’t wear it to work but my weekends would be super stylish this winter if I had this in my closet.

You might want to rethink the sushi bar tonight… or at least be careful where you eat sushi. Very careful

What in the bajesus is this?

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Five Halloween Costumes You Haven’t Seen Before

Instead of slutty I’d like to see more interesting costumes this year. Maybe let’s cover up those butts and let the mind run free. I’ve rounded up some costumes that would be three things: fun, interesting, and most definitely not slutty. Check out my costume ideas from last year! Or if you need some work appropriate ideas check out Beyond the Black Suit today!

1. The Morton Salt Girl 

Now you might not be able to be cuter than this little one but you can sure try! And who doesn’t want to make a salt purse?!

What you need: Yellow dress, yellow shoes, white tights, purple or white umbrella, and a salt purse!

2. Elsa from Frozen

Now this one actually might be pretty popular this year but it would be too fun to miss. I mean if you can belt out Let It Go with no qualms then this is the costume for you. Throw white glitter at people.

What you need: Long blue dress, snowflakes on the dress, hair in braid, and glitter.

3. Flo from the Progressive Commercials

Because its Flo.

What you need: I think the photo says it all…

4. Nancy Drew

She was your childhood hero and made you want a boyfriend named Ned. Also she kick started your women-can-be-intelligent knowledge.

What you need: Shirt, plaid/tweed skirt, loafers, cardigan, headband, flashlight or magnifying glass.

5. Piper from Orange is the New Black

How comfortable would this be? Just bring a roll of toilet paper and wrap it around your hands like boxing glove wrap.

What you need: Orange scrubs (you can Rit dye white ones), white short or long sleeve tshirt, and white keds.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

photos: salt, elsa, flo, nancy, orange


Turkey: Part IV + A Giveaway

Here are the last of my photos from Turkey! These photos are from Konya and Goreme, which were an amazing end to an even more amazing trip!
To celebrate me finally letting go of this trip (well on the blog at least) I have a giveaway for you of presents that I specifically brought back from Turkey! 

In Konya I was hit with the lovely stomach bug that was making it’s way through our group and therefore I was MIA for basically the entire stay in Konya. I got to see some sights on the walk from the hotel to dinner the first night and that was about it.
the felt makers in Konya are world famous
This area of Turkey is known as Cappadocia and is famous for the fairy chimneys that are formed out of the rock after hundreds of thousands of years. 

right after a long sweaty hike I said “I am craving some melon” and then a wagon of melons rolls by. The entire group bursts into laughter! Kismet. 
these were churches carved into the mountains, some had frescos that survived the change of religion, but no pictures were allowed inside
 goreme is also famous for it’s pottery, which is still all handmade by family businesses 

Now for the giveaway! Most people have heard of Turkish towels, there are many different kinds, sizes, and qualities. Some are made of pure Turkish cotton, some bamboo, and the cheap ones are made from a crappy kind of cotton that I wouldn’t let Winston sleep on. Personally I brought back four for myself. Two I’m using as bath towels, one a throw blanket in my living room, and one I’m holding back for spring for picnics, or any time I need a lovely piece of fabric between me and itchy grass. I also brought home two small tea sized towels for my kitchen. Which I’m afraid to use because I don’t want to get them dirty! Ahhhh the dilemmas. 

Anyway, for you lovely readers I have brought back one Purple and White 100% Turkish cotton full sized towel and one matching Tea Towel. 

this is the size of the large towel

Use the rafflecoptor giveaway to enter below! The giveaway ends Monday at 10pm! Winner will be announced and contacted by the email you used to sign into the widget! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! 

Don’t forget to check out the other pictures from my Turkey Trip: Part I, Part II, Part III 


What I’m thankful for…

This weekend was super chill and super random. And I loved it.  Here’s the five things I’m thankful for right now…

1. This snuggle monster. I woke up to him wiggling closer and then putting his face on my cheek. Oh I love this little wrinkly bulldog. I’m so thankful that he loves me. 

2. On my resume it says that I speak French at a conversational level. This was true about two years ago. Now I’m not so sure, so I picked up my Harry Potter book in French and got back to working at my mad skillz. It was rough going but I’m super thankful that I’m trying. 

3. I got to see my mom this weekend. Even if it was only for a grand total of 8 hours we still had a good time. So thankful that I have such a wonderful relationship with her! 

4. Winston and I took a really long walk on Saturday. Like a 5 mile walk and off the leash ramble. I’m so thankful that he made it and that we both had a great time! 

5. I was randomly chatting with this woman in starbucks and I told her I loved her bangs. She took a few seconds and stared at my face and says “You could totally rock some bangs.” BOOM! I have never wanted bangs more… oh well maybe except for that time I actually got them. This is the cut I’m going for. Thoughts?

What are you thankful for?


The Relevance of Gender

Does gender matter? Does it matter in difference situations? Does gender matter to different genders?
It seems that these days the politically correct thing to do is to treat everyone you meet as a unisex person, neither male or female. To treat a woman like a man could be seen as not seeing her as a woman, to treat her as only a woman could be seen as relegating her to the kitchen. Treating a man as a woman could insult a man, treating him as only a man could be seen as not recognizing his respect of women. So it seems ‘unisex’ becomes our default setting.
Gender is relevant. I am a woman. As a woman I bring quite a bit to the table. What I bring to a table is different than what a man brings. It’s not better, it’s a different point of view. 
I am proud that I am woman. I am proud of the way that being a woman makes me different than a man.