Let there be light!

Wow yall… 

this past weekend was horrible. Actually no. The horribleness started Thursday afternoon. Dallas has a HUGE storm Thursday afternoon that knocked out power all over the metroplex. (That would Dallas and Fort Worth and everything in between) I had to get ready for work Friday morning by flashlight and candlelight. I took a cold shower and my dry shampoo really pulled it’s weight. I’m also surprised my makeup didn’t look like a three year old did arts and crafts on my face. I had a granola bar for breakfast since I was trying to be optimistic and keep my fridge closed so some of the food could be saved if the power came on. 

I got home Friday night and no power. I started reading a book by flashlight when I heard a beep. Then another one. beep beep beep My flipping CO2 monitor was going off. After 20 minutes of trying to change the battery and getting it to shut up I got really frustrated and just yanked the damn thing out of the wall. Turns out I’m the hulk when I need to be.

Saturday morning I woke up and still no power. I grabbed Winston and we went to the park. We stayed out of the house all day. I did get to go work out and have a hot shower at the gym. Oh I love my gym. Yall I didn’t have power until Saturday night. SATURDAY night. Everything in my fridge was spoiled. I had to throw away everything save the condiments. Anyone want some katsup? 

I went grocery shopping Sunday, came home, put everything away, turned on some tv, and screamed as the power went out AGAIN. This wasn’t like a oh-I-stepped-on-something-squishy scream, nor was it a oh-no-I-dropped-this-cake-that-took-me-hours-to-frost scream, it was a ARE-YOU-EFFING-KIDDING-ME-IM-GOING-TO-BREAK-SO-MANY-THINGS scream. Seriously, I’m pretty sure my neighbors were wondering what was going on. It finally came back on a few hours later. 

How did I celebrate? Watching Madam Secretary, having a glass of wine, moving my furniture around, and baking pumpkin bread and banana bread. I used a lot of power last night and I don’t give a fig about it. 

My plan this weekend was to get this blog all in order and get my life finally squared away but that didn’t really get to happen.

Check back this week for some substance… 


  • http://belleandcompass.blogspot.com/ Isa // belle + compass

    Ahaha oh my god I’m so sorry. Power went out after a hurricane in NOLA a few years ago for like 3 or 5 days too, and in the dead of summer. No one could sleep because it was too hot indoors! Here’s to hoping your power stays on forever 😛

    belle + compass

  • Bows, Pearls & Sorority Girls

    Just ran across your blog and read your bio! I was a DZ at Texas A&M (whoop!), and I’m living in Minneapolis right now! Haha such a small world :) Great blog!