The Relevance of Gender

Does gender matter? Does it matter in difference situations? Does gender matter to different genders?
It seems that these days the politically correct thing to do is to treat everyone you meet as a unisex person, neither male or female. To treat a woman like a man could be seen as not seeing her as a woman, to treat her as only a woman could be seen as relegating her to the kitchen. Treating a man as a woman could insult a man, treating him as only a man could be seen as not recognizing his respect of women. So it seems ‘unisex’ becomes our default setting.
Gender is relevant. I am a woman. As a woman I bring quite a bit to the table. What I bring to a table is different than what a man brings. It’s not better, it’s a different point of view. 
I am proud that I am woman. I am proud of the way that being a woman makes me different than a man.