Weekend Links

{what you might have missed here in plumewood}

15 books to read before you turn 30

these pictures from my trip to turkey. caution: might cause severe wanderlust

my 27 before 27 list

easy halloween costumes that you can scrounge from your closet (for the most part)

your chance to win real Turkish Towels straight from Turkey

{what you want to see around the interwebs}

this buzzfeed post about banned books in which I found out that Captain Underpants has been challenged more than Fifty Shades of Grey… I guess that the partial nudity in CU really beats outs the Red Room of Pain in Fifty Shades…

Why pant sales in Texas have been skyrocketing… and it’s been HOT here people! 

If you haven’t watched Emma Watson’s UN speech yet you need to press play because it will change your life. #heforshe2014 

How Disney basically outlined our dating lives… oh and #4 hit on me the other day… great. Now I guess I just need to check off the rest of the numbers to get to #10.

I need this hat. I can’t wear it to work but my weekends would be super stylish this winter if I had this in my closet.

You might want to rethink the sushi bar tonight… or at least be careful where you eat sushi. Very careful

What in the bajesus is this?

Have a great weekend!