Presently Speaking

Feeling: Sad and Hopeful at the same time. Sad because reliving this year has made me realize just how unhappy I was this year. So many amazing things happened to me, I graduated, I visited Turkey, I passed the Bar, and I got a job, but for about 90% of this year I was sad. And the fact that I was sad for so much of this year while all those wonderful things happened makes me even more sad. I’m hopeful because perhaps 2015 will be better, that’s hope right? Faith in the future. 

Reading: The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin. It was wonderful book but I felt conflicted the whole way through, the love triangle rubbed me the wrong way. I felt like I needed to punch both Bay and Sisi throughout the entire book. 

Listening to:  Taylor Swift 1989. It’s been on repeat for the past month… “I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.” Basically my new motto. 

Thankful for: My mom. She cleaned my apartment, washed my dishes, did my laundry, and took me to dinner before she left Dallas. She’s an amazing woman. 

Thinking about: the past year and how sad I’ve been…

Eating: Soup! It’s freezing and nothing warms me up like piping hot chicken noodle or tomato bisque! Yummy! I might need to add a grilled cheese now…

Watching: Downton Abby! I bought the season pass and watched the first episode of this season (!!!) and I cannot wait for the whole season to be released! 

Loving: my job! I love my job and I love that I love my job!

Looking forward to: popping a bottle of champagne tonight to welcome in 2015

What’s up with you?


Green Plaid

Spending Christmas in Minnesota finally gave me my quota of cold days but apparently I brought the cold weather back with me… it’s freezing in Dallas this week and only going to get colder! Minnesota also gave me the chance to wear clothes that I could never wear in court! It was wonderful wearing warm comfy vests and my favorite hunter boots! Plus, it’s not every day that I can dress in my favorite color from head to toe! 

Tomorrow is the last day of 2014 and I am so looking forward to 2015! To start the year off right I’m giving away free ad space to the first 10 people to enter promo code: 2015ishere The code works for Eleanor spots, click here to set up your ads! 
PS how adorable is Winston’s green bowtie? 


Jewelry Box Giveaway

Here’s another giveaway for the Duchess’ 25 Days of Christmas! You still have time to enter Winston’s Favorite Things Giveaway! Two giveaways going on at once? It must be Christmas! 

Today I have a wonderful giveaway for you! I purchased a travel jewelry box from Elaine Turner this summer and I have taken it everywhere! It held all my jewels for my Turkey trip, anytime I go back to Austin, and when I went to Minnesota. It is amazing and super chic! 

I am giving one away in pink! Trust me it can fit all your jewels and looks super cute everywhere you go! 

Enter the giveaway using the rafflecoptor widget below! The giveaway will close Wednesday the 17th at 9pm! 

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Good Luck!

And remember to enter Winston’s Favorite Things Giveaway too!


Gift Guide: This Ones for the Girls

The first gift guide of the Duchess’ 25 Days of Christmas! This one is of course for all the ladies out there! I have to admit that I’d love everything on this gift guide to find it’s way under my tree and I’m positive you will too! 

christmas 2014 women

What do you hope is under your tree? 


Winston’s Favorite Things

It’s Day 2 of the Duchess’ 25 Days of Christmas and we are kicking off this shindig with a totally pawsome giveaway! Today is Winston’s birthday and he decided he needed to take a break from having it all and wanted your pup to get some of his favorite things! 

These favorite things include: dog treats, toys, and something for the human too! You and your pup will love everything, we promise! Winston gives everything a four out of four paw stamp of approval and the Duchess gives everything two thumbs way up! There also might be a note from Winston thrown in! 

Enter Winston’s Birthday Giveaway by using the rafflecoptor widget below! If you win your pup will get a package mailed directly to them (via you bien sur) so they can celebrate with Winston! The giveaway closes Tuesday the 9th at 9pm!
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Winston says Good Luck!