The Duchess’ 25 Days of Christmas

Hello Friends! I hope you’re having a very happy holiday season so far! I took the lovely Thanksgiving holiday to rest and recover from the craziness. My heart still hurts but I take a little bit of comfort in that since the memories I have of my Grandpa always make me smile. Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails that I received about my Grandfather, yall made this time a little less horrible, and I thank you. My Thanksgiving was bittersweet but everything has really forced me to examine my faith and I am going into the Christmas season with even more resolve to celebrate it for the right reasons. 

This December I want to celebrate big time so while ABC Family has their 25 Days of Christmas with tons of holiday movies (can anything really beat Love Actually?) each day, here in Plumewood I will be celebrating my own 25 days of Christmas! These 25 days will be filled with giveaways, fun ideas, how-to’s, gift guides, and of course the most important: Faith. I hope you check back daily and each day brings a smile to your face! 

I am so thankful for each of you dear readers, I am so thankful that you stop by, that you say Hi, and that you are healthy, alive, and hopefully, happy.

Please email me questions for my “Christmas Hot Chocolate Date Vlog”. Email your questions: to duchessofplumewood{AT}gmail{dot}com I promise I will answer everything: funny, serious, random, and on any topic. 

Have a wonderful day!