Wanderlust Wednesday: Prague

Lately I’ve been daydreaming of taking a trip. I know I just got back from Mexico and for all intents and purposes, Turkey, but I’ve been dreaming of old cities, cobblestones, soaring cathedrals, history, and some damn good pastries. I was flipping through my old AP History books (I see those judging eyes) and I came across the Defenestration of Prague. I have not been able to get Prague out of my head since. 

To me, a world away, Prague seems like the epitome of an old city in the new world. It’s made my list. Actually, it’s sitting pretty at the top of my list. Wandering through the old town square, across the Charles Bridge, and traipsing up to the see the castle that held he crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. A day trip out to the stunningly stark Emperor’s Corridor, then marveling at the Astronomer’s clock, and finally watching my back at the Old Royal Palace. (I am Catholic after all… #historyjoke) 
tell me your mind didn’t go straight to the Beast’s library

Oh yeah Prague also has the pastries covered: the trdelník

When do we leave? 

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2015 in Lists: Week 4

Sometimes you just need a reminder about what puts a smile on your face right? Sometimes if you’re feeling sad or just need a little pick me up it’s nice to think about something that you know will put you in a better mood!
This week I want to think about things that make me smile! Like Buddy the Elf said ‘Smiling’s my Favorite!’

Plus isn’t there some scientific research that says smiling can actually make you happy and decrease stress? Yep, there is! So this week I hope by making this list everyone’s stress levels go down and happiness levels go through the roof! 

This week’s prompt is: 
list what makes you smile

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Have a great (smiling) week!


Weekend Links

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don’t be a bully, wear a Bully

green. green. green. and more green!

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I’ve been searching for a large potted plant to live in my living area and I think I’ve settled on this one! But I heard they were very fickle so I pinterested and found exactly how to care for it

These shoes in ‘ruby’ might be making their way into my closet this weekend… don’t judge, I do need a killer pair of red heels

I keep saying to watch what you put on Facebook and this is the perfect example of it

What are you doing this weekend?


Playing on the Playa

This past long weekend I was playing on the playa in Cozumel, Mexico! There was sun, rum punch, sand, and tons of celebrating my mom for her birthday! We might have pissed off the people who were next to our suite… 

I’m so embarrassed to say that my camera never made it out of my case! Perhaps those rum punches were packing more of a punch than I originally thought!

Here are some instagram shots and some others I snapped on my phone. 

{my plane attire}
{my first day view}

{lunch pool side consisted of drinks and bright colors}

{walking around wedges}
{relaxing ocean side… rough life}

{we danced the night away}
{this guy snuggled with me all night when I got back, he wouldn’t leave my side}


2015 in Lists: Week 3

I don’t know about yall but I have some crazy dreams from time to time. Do you too? Or what about those reoccurring dreams? I have good ones and super bad ones. 

I was talking with some police officers at work the other day before a trial and we got on the subject of dreams. They both were telling me that they have reoccurring dreams of running into a dangerous situation and being shot at but when they grab their gun it jams or there are no bullets. I sat there with my eyes wide because the worst ‘career’ dream I have is being butt naked during closing arguments. It’s not exactly deadly like my officers’ dreams are but I still wake up sweating. 

It got me thinking, I wonder what dreams other people remember. I tend to remember the bad ones because they still freak me out. I wondered if other people had reoccurring dreams that freak them out or make them laugh or feel good. 

This week’s prompt is:

List the dreams you remember

I’d love to know what dreams you remember! If you can fill up your page more than mine or if you can only write one down on yours!

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Hope your week is wonderful!