2015 in Lists: Week 1

If you know me you know I love lists and calendars. I quite literally have six calendars in my office. SIX. I also make lists all the time, then sometimes I make lists that cross reference things, lists that are color coded, lists for fun, lists for things I need to remember months in the future, and lists so I remember things in the past. I also make lists of my lists. 

Once I had a list that read: 
1) finish list of to -do’s 
2) get things on grocery list 
3) finish reading list 
4) complete post idea list

See? Lists of lists. 


So when I found Moorea Seal and here 52 Lists Project I was hooked! Then she got super busy and had to stop and I was crushed! So this year I decided to emulate her and do my own year in lists. Each week on Sunday I will be posting a list for the week. This is not your mom’s to-do list, the prompts range from: list the people you love to list the things you would never get a tattoo of! 
I’m super excited to share these lists with other list addicts! Feel free to print the list prompts and share your completed lists on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #DOP2015lists. 

This the first week and in honor of the New Year this week’s prompt is: 

List what you are looking forward to this year

You’ll notice mine range from the serious to the silly! These are your lists, this is your year, make it however you want!

At the end of the year you’ll have a fun way to remember and reflect on 2015! You will have 52 different lists and you’ll be able to go back and see how you’ve grown, see if you would write anything different from when you first wrote the list, and also have an excuse to list your heart out!

Download your Week 1 list here

Have a wonderful first full week of 2015! Happy New Year!


  • http://www.theborenidentity.com/ Brittany Renae

    I love this! I’m a list freak as well, but I don’t think i’ve quite reached your level yet, ha. This is so fun. I’m printing it out now. Thanks!

  • http://www.routebliss.com/ Christina McCall

    I was curious what was on your list, so I clicked the photo to see .. and busted up laughing over the “baby prosecutor skills conference” notation on your calendar! That’s what my coworkers refer to the DA’s in the misdemeanor division we deal with at work :) (which means you probably saw some of them in Austin if you were at the training last week!)

  • Katherine Nolden

    I probably did! That’s so crazy! Yeah, I just got hired around Thanksgiving so I had to go to the Baby Prosecutor School in January! It was actually pretty fun! Do you work in a DA’s office?

  • Katherine Nolden

    Print it!!!!!!