2015 in Lists: Week 2

One thing I hear a lot when I talk with friends on the weekend is “I really need to get organized next week.” You know from this List Project that lists are just one (major) way I get organized so when try to figure out how my friends plan on becoming such an organizational wizard our conversation goes a little something like this: 

“how are you going to get organized?” 

Right. Well I think if you want to get organized you need to start with how are you going accomplish that! Right? So it’s sort of getting organized to get organized. Makes sense. 

This week’s list prompt is:

List how you Get Organize

I’d love to know how you get organized, the little things you do, the big things, the new things you’ve found that works, the things you learned from your grandmother that you’ve done all your life. How do you get organized?

Print your List Prompt, fill it out, and share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #DOP2015Lists! I’d love to see your organizational skills! Full disclosure: I might steal some of your awesome ideas or maybe you’ll steal some of mine! 
Download your Week 2 list here

Didn’t get to list is up with Week 1? Check it out and jump into this fun project! 

Have a wonderful week!