2015 in Lists: Week 3

I don’t know about yall but I have some crazy dreams from time to time. Do you too? Or what about those reoccurring dreams? I have good ones and super bad ones. 

I was talking with some police officers at work the other day before a trial and we got on the subject of dreams. They both were telling me that they have reoccurring dreams of running into a dangerous situation and being shot at but when they grab their gun it jams or there are no bullets. I sat there with my eyes wide because the worst ‘career’ dream I have is being butt naked during closing arguments. It’s not exactly deadly like my officers’ dreams are but I still wake up sweating. 

It got me thinking, I wonder what dreams other people remember. I tend to remember the bad ones because they still freak me out. I wondered if other people had reoccurring dreams that freak them out or make them laugh or feel good. 

This week’s prompt is:

List the dreams you remember

I’d love to know what dreams you remember! If you can fill up your page more than mine or if you can only write one down on yours!

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Hope your week is wonderful!