2015 in Lists: Week 4

Sometimes you just need a reminder about what puts a smile on your face right? Sometimes if you’re feeling sad or just need a little pick me up it’s nice to think about something that you know will put you in a better mood!
This week I want to think about things that make me smile! Like Buddy the Elf said ‘Smiling’s my Favorite!’

Plus isn’t there some scientific research that says smiling can actually make you happy and decrease stress? Yep, there is! So this week I hope by making this list everyone’s stress levels go down and happiness levels go through the roof! 

This week’s prompt is: 
list what makes you smile

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Have a great (smiling) week!


  • http://bywayofberlin.com/ By Way of Berlin

    I really like the concept behind these lists and think it’s wonderful to focus on such positive things, especially when life can get a little crazy. It’s always a good to keep things in perspective.

    On another note, I’ve been rereading Harry Potter too!

    xx Nina

  • Katherine Nolden

    Hi Nina!
    Rereading HP is ALWAYS a good idea right?