Move it and Lose it: ClassPass

It seems like everyone’s resolution for the new year is to lose weight/get in shape/lift my body weight/actually use my yoga pants in yoga class, or something along those lines. The gyms are always packed in January and then by March they are ghost towns again! I blame it on people getting bored with the usual run on the treadmill or run of the mill cycle class. They want to spice up their routine. 

I’m one of those people that needs to change things up! I always want to try different classes that my gym doesn’t have but I can’t justify the extra charge to try five different studios because that is crazy expensive?

Then the lovely ladies at ClassPass got in touch with me. I was hesitant at first because they were just opening up in Dallas and I thought how many studios could they really partnered with if they are just opening? I checked it out and went WOW. They have so many different studios to choose from it was crazy! I have always wanted to try a pilates reformer class but I didn’t want to pay for multiple classes to figure out if I really liked it. Plus, I also wanted to be able to go take a weight class or cycle class when the mood struck. Can you tell I need change in my workouts to keep me interested?

ClassPass was amazing. I was able to try reformer classes at different studios, take aqua classes, weight classes, and cycle classes. I really wanted to try this aerial silk class but they didn’t have many classes over the holidays. It looks like I’ve got to try it out this month right? 

I would highly recommend trying ClassPass for at least a month just so you can see how amazing it is! They are in 20 different major cities across the US and in each city they have copious amounts of studios. Also, their website is insanely easy to use and now they have an app for even easier workout scheduling! If you need change in your workout routine or have a commitment phobia about joining a gym then ClassPass is for you!

They do have a wait list but this link with let you jump the list! You can also take this link to get $50 put in your ClassPass account (after you sign up) for your next month of ClassPass just because you’re friends with me! 

Full Disclosure: I was given free month of ClassPass in exchange for my thoughts. I made it clear that I would not be holding back if there as anything I didn’t like or that I thought people should know.

Bottom Line: ClassPass is worth it.

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