Wanderlust Wednesday: Prague

Lately I’ve been daydreaming of taking a trip. I know I just got back from Mexico and for all intents and purposes, Turkey, but I’ve been dreaming of old cities, cobblestones, soaring cathedrals, history, and some damn good pastries. I was flipping through my old AP History books (I see those judging eyes) and I came across the Defenestration of Prague. I have not been able to get Prague out of my head since. 

To me, a world away, Prague seems like the epitome of an old city in the new world. It’s made my list. Actually, it’s sitting pretty at the top of my list. Wandering through the old town square, across the Charles Bridge, and traipsing up to the see the castle that held he crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. A day trip out to the stunningly stark Emperor’s Corridor, then marveling at the Astronomer’s clock, and finally watching my back at the Old Royal Palace. (I am Catholic after all… #historyjoke) 
tell me your mind didn’t go straight to the Beast’s library

Oh yeah Prague also has the pastries covered: the trdelník

When do we leave? 

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  • http://www.kati-rose.com/ Kati Rose

    Prague is such an underrated city! I had a friend who studied abroad there and after looking at all their pictures I wanted to book the first trip there. One good point of it being not as well known is that it’s often cheaper to visit!

  • Alice Black

    I live in Czech Republic! Not in Prague, but in the second biggest city Brno. Brno is pretty too and I think it is mostly knowen for Masaryk university. Half of my family lives in Prague so I vistit quite often. If you ever make time to visit, be sure to see the Dancing house and National theatre too…