Weekend Links

What you missed here in Plumewood:

is your sleep schedule screwed up? See how you can fix it!

have you joined in for the #DOP2015Lists yet?

my Mexico trip was muy salvaje y loco

class pass > the gym. thoughts?

don’t be a bully, wear a Bully

green. green. green. and more green!

What you might have missed around the web:

the site of Jesus’ trial by Pontius Pilate may have been unearthed

Some people aren’t too excited about the Lilly Pulitzer Collab with Target. Personally I’m psyched and April 19th is already marked in my calendar

Apparently shit has gotten real with kids’ parties… 

I’ve been searching for a large potted plant to live in my living area and I think I’ve settled on this one! But I heard they were very fickle so I pinterested and found exactly how to care for it

These shoes in ‘ruby’ might be making their way into my closet this weekend… don’t judge, I do need a killer pair of red heels

I keep saying to watch what you put on Facebook and this is the perfect example of it

What are you doing this weekend?