2015 in Lists: Week 8

The past two days have been “snow days” for me! The quotes are because by snow I mean ice since it’s Texas, my internet has been spotty to say the least so I’ve been streaming Netflix when I can and snuggling with Winston. 

I spent the weekend with a friend who besides making me think about everything I thought I knew also called me beautiful. That isn’t something I usually think about myself, especially in the physical sense. I’d bet money that you and most women don’t wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and tell yourself and themselves that they’re beautiful. But you know what? You are, and they are. So I figured that this week would be a great week to figure out how you’re beautiful. 
This week’s prompt is: 
list what makes you beautiful

As you can see most of the things I went with aren’t physical and I did think outside the box. I encourage you to think outside the box and outside the physical appearance! Plus if you’re ever feeling like you’re not beautiful just take out your list and glance over it!

Download your Week 8 list and make sure you have the rest of the lists for 2015!
I hope everyone has a fantastic week and remember, you are beautiful!


Let’s talk about Grey baby

The tag line is ‘Curious?’ and I totally was. 

I admit it. I saw it. 

I cringed. I laughed. 

I got confused. I got super uncomfortable. 

It makes no sense that on the first day of Lent I would talk about 50 Shades but life doesn’t make sense. That logic works right? 

I’ve gotten some flack from friends, coworkers, an ex-boyfriend, and family for wanting to go/going to see 50 Shades. First of all why would someone judge me for reading or seeing something? It’s art. Okay it’s not great art but it art and I have the freedom to choose. (Because America) Are you going to judge me if I go see Manet, Klimt, Titian. or Goya’s art? They all have artwork that is more intense than 50 Shades. Would I be judged for that or is it okay because they are considered Masters and the author of 50 is not? 

Let me get one thing straight, I think that some of the book/movie is basically abuse. After, what I’ve seen with the US Attorney and District Attorney I cannot condone any type of abuse, physical or mental, like what goes on in 50 Shades. There is some major manipulation and controlling aspects of that ‘relationship’ and it was sickening to me. There are differences between healthy relationships and sick relationships and I think that some who see or read 50 Shades are going to get those lines blurred. Abuse isn’t a shade of grey. 

So if you can read/watch 50 Shades and keep your head on straight and your expectations low you might actually not have a horrible time. Everyone who sees or reads this story needs to realize that it is just that: a story. It would not happen in real life. It is not a road map for how young girls should live their lives. It is not a fairy tale. 

Go see it or don’t but don’t judge those who are seeing it in the right frame of mind. 

Now I apparently need to get this book and learn how to spice things up in the kitchen… haha

What are your thoughts on 50 Shades?


Mardi Gras: Why is it such a big deal?

Do you know what you’re celebrating today?

Here’s a little bit of the history of Mardi Gras! 

Mardi Gras, literally “fat Tuesday” en francias, is the end of the time of celebration known as Carnivale, basically the super large party right before Ash Wednesday and the 40 days and 40 nights of Lent. Although for those of you that can count, the Catholic Lenten Rite is actually 44 days. Since every religion that celebrates Lent is rooted in Catholicism the celebration of “fat tuesday” or Carnivale, started in Roman Catholic countries, France and Italy respectively, and spread from there. Many historian also believe that a celebration was being held previous to Catholicism taking root and was originally a pagan ritual welcoming the soon to be arrival of Spring. The origin of the words “fat tuesday” came from eating the calf that had been fattened especially for this celebration. 

Lent is the season of penitence where Christian denominations give up things from their life that they see as keeping them from acting as Christ or from having a better relationship with Christ. 

Mardi Gras is basically the one last hooray before this season of penance. (Plus Pope Gregory XIII made it an official holiday so as a good Catholic I must celebrate it right?)

Today many believe that Mardi Gras has swollen from a mediocre party into a loud rambunctious event that is out of control.  While I wouldn’t dispute that New Orleans or Venice today is certainly to be one alcohol fueled party I would ask the question “Does anyone believe that the parties of today can necessarily compete with the parties of Renaissance Paris and Rome?” 

My euros are on Louis XIV that he probably had the most debauched, unruly, and wild Mardi Gras/pre-Lenten celebration that the world has ever seen. 
In New Orleans you would say “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” but since I speak French and that grates on the grammatical side of me, in France one would say something to the effect of “Que la fête commence!” (translations: 1) let the good times roll (literal) 2) The Festival begins!)

Have a fun Mardi Gras!

“if you don’t know History then you don’t know anything”
-michael crichton


So this is awkward…

Just to prove to you that I don’t have my sh*t together… as if you thought I did hahahaha

1. I had to ask my mom if you pay for dry cleaning when you drop it off or pick it up because apparently at 26 I don’t know the answer to that myself…

2. A defense attorney called me ‘the Duchess…’ awesome

3. The waitress told me to ‘enjoy my meal’ and I said “you too” #goodone

4. One of my coworkers caught me taking a selfie, and it wasn’t a coworker who would know what the term selfie is.

5. I was talking to a guy that Winston “accidentally” ran up to in the park and then my trusty four-legged sidekick let one rip. Very. Loudly. 

6. My little sister had to tell me that bae isn’t short for baby. It stands for before anything else. Gee I’m old. 

7. I stood to make an objection in court and when I tried to sit down my rolly chair moved and I fell on my butt. I kept my mouth shut so it’s not on the record… 

8. A well meaning person held the elevator door open for me… when I was like half the hallway away so I had to run… in heels and a pencil skirt or make weird eye contact while I take the time to walk. You’re nice but just go dude, just go. 

9. I was grocery shopping and I ran into someone by the bananas, then the milk, then the soda. I just chilled in the soda aisle so they could get away #stalker

10. My mom yelled loudly across a clothing store “NO that dress would make you look like death!” Thanks to my mom everyone in that store now know that khaki makes me look like a corpse. 

Does that make your day?


2015 in Lists: Week 7

Someone asked me if I had a tattoo on Thursday, they were asking in a super inappropriate way so I slapped him promptly gave a smart a** comment and walked away but ti got me thinking. I thought about things that I would get a tattoo of if I went under the needle again and then I thought wait what about the things that I would never allow someone to ink on my skin? I’m talking about the absolute no-way-no-how-get-that-ink-far-away-from-me things. So thanks to rando in the bar…

This week’s prompt is: 

List things you would not get a tattoo of…

As you can see my list is quite short and that’s because I’m pretty sure you could talk me into getting basically anything else. But those three things? Nope. 

You know I have a tattoo right? Yeah, see how much of a nerd I am… Do you have any tattoos that are particularly awesome?! I’d love to see them! Print your List Prompt, fill it out, and share it on social media with #DOP2015Lists I can’t wait to see what you wouldn’t get ! 

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