2015 in Lists: Week 5

I’ve been working on organizing and cleaning out my closet last weekend and I started to think about what the favorite pieces in my closet were. Those things that I love because they make me feel fantastic when I wear them  (like the suit I have that makes me feel like I can conquer the world in) or those pieces that I love to wear and are so pretty to look at too (like my kate spade heels that are completely covered in glitter). 

Do you have pieces in your closet like that? That evoke feelings, or make you feel like a million bucks, or are just so dang beautiful. You just thought of something didn’t you? 

This week’s prompt is: 

list your favorite items in your closet

Go ahead and print your List Prompt, fill it out, and share it on social media with #DOP2015Lists I can’t wait to see your favorite closet items! 

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