2015 in Lists: Week 6

It’s Valentine’s day on Saturday (is there anyone who doesn’t know this?) so for this week’s list I want you to think about everyone that you love! 

I’m going to lie, seeing how many people you love written down in black and white, or in my case pink and red, was kind of awesome. When I was making my list I wasn’t in a bad mood but if I was just looking at this list would make me happier. I mean if half of the people (and pets) on my list return those feelings then I’m golden. 

This week’s prompt is: 

List the people (or pets) that you love

Give everyone on your list a little extra love this week!

Go ahead and print your List Prompt, fill it out, and share it on social media with #DOP2015Lists I can’t wait to see everyone you love! 
Download your Week 6 list here and see all of the 2015 Lists here!

Have a love filled week!