2015 in Lists: Week 7

Someone asked me if I had a tattoo on Thursday, they were asking in a super inappropriate way so I slapped him promptly gave a smart a** comment and walked away but ti got me thinking. I thought about things that I would get a tattoo of if I went under the needle again and then I thought wait what about the things that I would never allow someone to ink on my skin? I’m talking about the absolute no-way-no-how-get-that-ink-far-away-from-me things. So thanks to rando in the bar…

This week’s prompt is: 

List things you would not get a tattoo of…

As you can see my list is quite short and that’s because I’m pretty sure you could talk me into getting basically anything else. But those three things? Nope. 

You know I have a tattoo right? Yeah, see how much of a nerd I am… Do you have any tattoos that are particularly awesome?! I’d love to see them! Print your List Prompt, fill it out, and share it on social media with #DOP2015Lists I can’t wait to see what you wouldn’t get ! 

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