Let’s talk about Grey baby

The tag line is ‘Curious?’ and I totally was. 

I admit it. I saw it. 

I cringed. I laughed. 

I got confused. I got super uncomfortable. 

It makes no sense that on the first day of Lent I would talk about 50 Shades but life doesn’t make sense. That logic works right? 

I’ve gotten some flack from friends, coworkers, an ex-boyfriend, and family for wanting to go/going to see 50 Shades. First of all why would someone judge me for reading or seeing something? It’s art. Okay it’s not great art but it art and I have the freedom to choose. (Because America) Are you going to judge me if I go see Manet, Klimt, Titian. or Goya’s art? They all have artwork that is more intense than 50 Shades. Would I be judged for that or is it okay because they are considered Masters and the author of 50 is not? 

Let me get one thing straight, I think that some of the book/movie is basically abuse. After, what I’ve seen with the US Attorney and District Attorney I cannot condone any type of abuse, physical or mental, like what goes on in 50 Shades. There is some major manipulation and controlling aspects of that ‘relationship’ and it was sickening to me. There are differences between healthy relationships and sick relationships and I think that some who see or read 50 Shades are going to get those lines blurred. Abuse isn’t a shade of grey. 

So if you can read/watch 50 Shades and keep your head on straight and your expectations low you might actually not have a horrible time. Everyone who sees or reads this story needs to realize that it is just that: a story. It would not happen in real life. It is not a road map for how young girls should live their lives. It is not a fairy tale. 

Go see it or don’t but don’t judge those who are seeing it in the right frame of mind. 

Now I apparently need to get this book and learn how to spice things up in the kitchen… haha

What are your thoughts on 50 Shades?


  • Renaissance Teacher

    Fifty Shades is not art, unless you are of the mindset that everything is art. I’m not even objecting to the subject matter necessarily (well I do object, but not in regards to defining it as art), but
    referring to a work as “art” implies quality; something sorely lacking in 50 Shades on so many levels. Once you take out the sex scenes (which after about the 3rd one become boring and
    repetitive) and look at the actual story, you aren’t left with much. One-dimensional characters delivering juvenile dialogue in a non-existent plot. It reads like the fan fiction it is. (I’m assuming you know that this was originally written as Twilight fan fiction.)

    I believe that Mark Hughes of Forbes expresses it much more articulately than I could HERE.

    That’s not to say that I judge you or anyone else who enjoys the erotic fanfic-turned books-turned movie. If you (like millions of others) enjoy reading the books and/or watching the movie – have
    fun! Enjoy! Just don’t, as my grandma would say, try to put lipstick on a pig. Call it what it is (mindless entertainment) rather than pretend it’s something it’s not (art).

  • Katherine Nolden

    Oh I loved that Forbes article! I didn’t mean to compare the book/movie with those painters but I deem ‘art’ as creativity in many forms. I’m not saying it’s great or even good but it’s entertaining and diverting when one keeps their wits about them.