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walk in the park

Feeling: Sassy. I’ve been on a sassy kick for the past week and I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon. Get ready for some sassy and snarky posts!

Reading: I’ve just picked up The Heiresses by Sara Shepard the woman who brought Pretty Little Liars to life. One chapter in and I’m liking it. I foresee a late night ahead of me this week followed by a very tired workday.

Listening to: 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack, the Beyonce remixes still give me chills

Thankful for: My colleagues. They continue to step up and help me every time something comes up that I’m too inexperienced to handle. I only hope I have the opportunity to return the favor!

Thinking about: how dating suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Amiright? There might be an upcoming post on how dating is worse than getting a root canal. Oh and how googling a guy can be catastrophic for your actual date…

Eating: Kale salads like it’s the only thing I’m allowed to eat. And then I’ll eat a quesadilla. My palette is very complicated. Oooooo muffins…

Watching: Reruns and reruns of JAG. Also, Outlander comes back this Saturday so I’m re-watching the first part of Season 1 again, not because Jaime is cute or anything…

Loving: that I got to see my little sister after she made varsity cheer squad this past weekend! I surprised her in town at the restaurant they were eating at and when she spotted me she jumped up, started screaming, and ran towards me crying! I got to hug that little girl that I’m so proud of and I felt so loved that she was that emotional all because I had showed up.

Looking forward to: Easter weekend and spending relaxing time in Austin with my mom and Winston by the pool! Yup it’s that warm here!

What’s up with you?


This guy I know

This is my friend.

my friend wes

I snapped this as we were leaving a bar Saturday night on East 6th in Austin. We had just spent about 2+ hours talking at the bar and he had just spent the night having dinner and watching a comedy show with my mother and grandmother.

His name is Wes. If you don’t know him, or you don’t know him well, or you only remember him from high school, he sort of reminds me of Rainn Wilson in Backstrom with his snarky and insightful comments, his sky high IQ, his ability to be self-centered/aware (in an I-know-what-I-want way) but have your back in every conceivable circumstance and be really generous. For example: He had a book delivered to me after we spoke about it one weekend. I got it Tuesday. We had spoken about it Sunday. See?

I’m super in love with everything about Wesley. Like if we as a couple could work out I would make him date me, (make him I tell you) but we both know that us together would never work out. We are too diametrically opposed about everything. In all honesty, I don’t remember the last time we could figure out something important that we agree on. Politics, Religion, Money, Marriage, Kids, Sex, you name it we probably don’t agree on it.

But we get on like peanut butter and jelly. Or wine and cheese. (Let’s go with wine and cheese because it’s wine AND cheese. Obviously.) Wes and I can talk for hours about everything. I’d like to say we could talk about nothing but I don’t believe we’ve ever talked about nothing. Wes doesn’t do “nothing” and when I’m with Wes I don’t do “nothing”.

I like the Katherine that comes out when Wes is around. She’s insightful, worldy, outgoing, and will try more things than non-Wes Katherine. She actually thinks through things that she takes for granted each day, she thinks about why she thinks certain ways, she thinks about why she balks at one thing but not something similar. She actively thinks.


Wesley says to me “would you ever do ….?”

Me, looking shocked and appalled, “NO!”

Wes coming over all inquisitive and smiling at my automatic dismay “Why not?”

Me, starting to explain a multitude of reasons why I would never do what he asked…

Wes interrupts, “Katherine you would have fun and it would be really freeing for you. I bet you would like it.”

Me shocked that he would think I would actually enjoy that, then shutting up because I’m actually considering doing what he proposed…

Wes opens his mouth and five minutes later and I’m telling him to set it up and give me two days notice


Do you have friends like this? That change your outlook on life, that change the way you think in a really good way?

I love Wesley, not just because he’s devastatingly handsome (and it’s devastating that we can’t date) but because I think I’m a better person for being around him.


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2015 in Lists: Week 13

I’ve got my April Fool’s prank all planned for my office. I’m not giving anything away until it happens but let’s just say you’ll want to check my instagram on Wednesday…

There are some pranks that I would love to do but I don’t have enough time, or don’t have the resources, or I’m just plain chicken to go THAT far!

This week’s prompt is:

List the April Fool’s Jokes you’re dying to try!

faucet prank

I need to know what pranks you’ve got planned or which ones you want to pull on someone! I’ll need some more ideas! Download you Week 13 List, check out all the other 2015 Lists, and share on social media with the super awesome hashtag #DOP2015Lists!

Weekend Links

pink jacket and drink

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‘In this studio I run the show.’ Watch this woman stand up for herself on Live TV. Get it!

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The Palace: My Closet

True story: my closet was a disaster. 
I had clothes in there that I hadn’t worn in over two years and I had clothes on the floor. No defense for it, it’s not like they were nicely stacked and Winston knocked them over or anything, there were just clothes on the floor. Ugh, gross. 
I felt like I had no space for anything, that I could never find what I was looking for, and that even if for some interesting reason the dress/skirt/top I was looking for was actually on a hanger, I was never going to find it. 
I knew something had to be done. I need a major overhaul and some closet organization stat! So I pulled on some clothes that did not need to be hung up (read: sweats) and threw everything out of my closet. EVERYTHING. There was not one stitch of fabric, not one belt, not one article of anything left in my closet. Then I sketched. I drew out a rough estimate of what I was thinking in terms of organization and orientation of my clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. I wanted it to look clean, pretty, and most of I needed it to be useful. 
I’m in an apartment so it wasn’t like I could knock anything down or really add shelves, etc. I also had to make due with the size, I realize my closet is actually pretty big, compared to what I had in college it’s huge but still I’m a woman and if I had my way my closet would be the size of a guest room. 
After I sketched and got a feel for what I wanted and what might work in the space I went through everything I had taken out. Yall, I was ruthless. I was basically Attila the Hun on my closet inventory. I rarely allowed myself to think twice about things either, if I started to justify a piece of clothing, it got tossed. I had two piles one for garage sale items and the other to go back in the closet. 
At the end of my siege on the wardrobe (get it, war.drobe… hahaha) I started to go through the keep pile. Did anything need to be mended, cleaned, or ironed? Could it be folded instead of hung, like sweaters and t-shirts? Oh I have five brown belts? Yeah let’s knock that down. Does this jacket need to be in my working closet or in my hall closet? You get the picture. 
Then I began to put things back in my closet very carefully. I organized by article then color then use if applicable. For example: dresses/black/work. So now in the morning I can wake up and say I want to wear a dress to work this morning and I know exactly where to go in my closet. I then grab my shoes and turn around and try on some jewels. It’s perfect. Usually Winston joins me and takes a gander at himself in the mirror then watches me decide on shoes, which weirdly takes me the most time. I love my shoes. 
Once the clothes were hung and folded nicely I began to add items that would increase the utility, function, and, yes, overall feel of the closet. Enter: mirrors, runner, baskets, hooks, shoe shelves, chandelier (with real light light-bulb) and push pin board. 
closet organization closet organization closet organization closet organization
closet organizationcloset organization
At the end I am so happy with my closet, I get up in the morning and have a clear idea of where I can find things and which jewels I can match with it. My jewels used to be out on my dresser in my bedroom. I also find myself mixing things up more now that I can see everything clearly! 
how to organize your closet
Oh and that ‘chandelier’? Yeah I DIY’d that sucker!