2015 in Lists: Week 11

I had a shock the other day when I was going on a ride along with the Plano Police Department. I knew police put themselves into dangerous situations but for some reason it was quite translating that I would be put into those dangerous situations when I put myself in the car with them. Stupid right?

I was told by my ride along officers that I could get out of the car unless they expressly told me to stay put. For the most part I was allowed to get out of the car and shadow them on multiple traffic stops and disturbance calls. But there as one call where when we pulled up the officer looked right at me and told me to stay in the car no matter what.

It was right about then that my stomach dropped and I got scared. I mean really scared. I had to remind myself that there were multiple police officers with guns and tasers and muscles that were between me and any danger that came up. But hey I was still scared.

I decided to take that eye opening experience and use it for this week’s prompt…

This week’s prompt is:

List the things that make you feel safe

week in list 11 safety

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