2015 in Lists: Week 12

Confession: At this very moment I have 25 saved episodes of JAG on my DVR. I have my DVR set to record every episode of JAG whenever it’s on any channel. It ended in 2005 and I’m pretty sure I only watched the final season when I was in high school. I watch NCIS it’s spinoff religiously but JAG is just so…. good. The show is great and the fact that Harm is super hot isn’t bad either.

I got to thinking what other shows were cancelled or ended that I still wish were showing new episodes? The first one’s that sprang to mind were: JAG, Friends, Psych, Sex and the City, Veronica Mars and then when I really went deep I came up with Commander in Chief, Chuck, Combat Hospital, and Pan Am.

This week’s prompt is:

List the tv shows you wish were still on tv

tv 4

If you haven’t seen any of those shows you need to hop on Netflix and binge right now. But I warn you, you might be left unsatisfied because some of them were cancelled way to soon!

Download you Week 12 List, check out all the other 2015 Lists, and share on social media with the #DOP2015Lists! I can’t wait to see which shows you are still pining for! I might have to check those out on Netflix too!


Have a great week!


photo via buzzfeed