This guy I know

This is my friend.

my friend wes

I snapped this as we were leaving a bar Saturday night on East 6th in Austin. We had just spent about 2+ hours talking at the bar and he had just spent the night having dinner and watching a comedy show with my mother and grandmother.

His name is Wes. If you don’t know him, or you don’t know him well, or you only remember him from high school, he sort of reminds me of Rainn Wilson in Backstrom with his snarky and insightful comments, his sky high IQ, his ability to be self-centered/aware (in an I-know-what-I-want way) but have your back in every conceivable circumstance and be really generous. For example: He had a book delivered to me after we spoke about it one weekend. I got it Tuesday. We had spoken about it Sunday. See?

I’m super in love with everything about Wesley. Like if we as a couple could work out I would make him date me, (make him I tell you) but we both know that us together would never work out. We are too diametrically opposed about everything. In all honesty, I don’t remember the last time we could figure out something important that we agree on. Politics, Religion, Money, Marriage, Kids, Sex, you name it we probably don’t agree on it.

But we get on like peanut butter and jelly. Or wine and cheese. (Let’s go with wine and cheese because it’s wine AND cheese. Obviously.) Wes and I can talk for hours about everything. I’d like to say we could talk about nothing but I don’t believe we’ve ever talked about nothing. Wes doesn’t do “nothing” and when I’m with Wes I don’t do “nothing”.

I like the Katherine that comes out when Wes is around. She’s insightful, worldy, outgoing, and will try more things than non-Wes Katherine. She actually thinks through things that she takes for granted each day, she thinks about why she thinks certain ways, she thinks about why she balks at one thing but not something similar. She actively thinks.


Wesley says to me “would you ever do ….?”

Me, looking shocked and appalled, “NO!”

Wes coming over all inquisitive and smiling at my automatic dismay “Why not?”

Me, starting to explain a multitude of reasons why I would never do what he asked…

Wes interrupts, “Katherine you would have fun and it would be really freeing for you. I bet you would like it.”

Me shocked that he would think I would actually enjoy that, then shutting up because I’m actually considering doing what he proposed…

Wes opens his mouth and five minutes later and I’m telling him to set it up and give me two days notice


Do you have friends like this? That change your outlook on life, that change the way you think in a really good way?

I love Wesley, not just because he’s devastatingly handsome (and it’s devastating that we can’t date) but because I think I’m a better person for being around him.


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