2015 in Lists: Week 14

Right before the last date I went on I cleaned my apartment because I really didn’t think my dishwashing hatred and hoarding tendencies should be broadcast on a second date. While I was cleaning I actually had the thought: thank goodness it’s spring cleaning time. Then did a double take in my head and was like Katherine you want to clean? Its true, not only do I want to clean, I need to clean.

I  mean do I really need law school papers? No one cares about my paper on Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. Unless you do and then I can totally send it to you for a bit of hermionie-esq lite reading.

This week’s prompt is:

List how you’re going to clean for spring

classy spring cleaning

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My spring cleaning might need some extra clean so let me know which spring cleaning lists you use or some spring cleaning ideas I need to use! Download your Week 14 List, check out all the other 2015 Lists, and share on social media with the super awesome hashtag #DOP2015Lists!


 Happy Easter!