DIY: Chandelier

When I posted this recap of the organization of my disaster of a closet, I got a few emails asking about the chandelier. Well, the secret is that I totally and completely DIY’ed that.

Not only did I DIY that it was basiclly a perfect storm of all the materials and help to get it done.

I started out with a candle holder (on sale) from Michael’s and some wire based jewels. The candle holder was already white so I didn’t need to spray paint it but the problem was that there was that candle dish in the way of where the light bulb was supposed to go… and I had no way to remove that part. Seriously scissors were out, my really thick large wire+ cutters didn’t work (and they usually work for everything else), and I was basically stumped. It’s not like I have a blow torch on my apartment porch.


So I did something that I’m not particularly proud of. I put on something cute, did my hair, put on makeup and went to home depot. I acted like a silly unintelligent girl and the guy at the rent-a-tool center did it for me for free. I went and got him coffee but still. I’m half ashamed and the other half of me feels like I’m brilliant.

The entire chandelier cost me less than $20. Candle Holder: $10, Jewels: $3, Coffee: $5. If we add in the hit my smart-girl psyche took then the cost is over $20… way over.