foolin’ you

If you’re asking  from “whence proceeds the custom of making April Fools?” today then you’re in good company. Old, dead, and long gone company but good company. That very question was posed by a correspondent in 1708 to the British magazine Apollo.

washing machineyeah that’s me in a washing machine…

Here’s the thing: no one can pinpoint whence the custom began. Historians are in a quandary about this. And we are not used to be in quandaries. I say ‘we’ because obviously even though I don’t have a higher degree than a Bachelor’s in History it’s completely obvious that I am one. Just go with it. But there have been some magnificent April Fools in recent years. Let’s look at three of my favorites: oh and by recent I mean within the last 50 years…

#1 The Norwegian Wine Surplus – Norway was selling their ‘surplus’ wine at 75% off but the catch was that they didn’t have enough bottles so you had to bring your own containers. Brb while I go get every container in my apartment


#2 The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest – The Swedes can do it all; they grow spaghetti and had a bumper crop! Wait, if you can grow spaghetti does that make it a vegetable?


#3 The Taco Liberty Bell – Taco Bell apparently bought the Liberty Bell “Yo quiero Liberty Bell” indeed


What pranks are you pulling today? Did you get fooled? Check out my instagram for more details on how I fooled my coworkers today! And check out the 2015 in Lists: Week 13 List for all those pranks!