So this is awkward…


1. when you want a plant in your office but don’t want to bring it in to work, so you send it to yourself, and people think you have a boyfriend… and you tell them nope, its from me.

2. when a jury tells you that they could totally tell you wrote something funny to your co-counsel on your notepad

3. when I ate it in the parking lot of Central Market, in heels, in a dress, with at least 10 people looking

4.  when you can’t figure out how something on your phone works and a co-worker who is 15 years older than you can fix it; it’s like I’m losing my young generation card

5.  when you quote harry potter, but don’t mean to, and then giggle but no one gets it

6. when you have to say ‘urine’ 20x in a hearing. Also included: urine stream, urine puddle, and urine flow. Sick.

7. when the girl at FedEx looks at you and asks “do you have a unibrow?” 1. No. 2. I hate you. 3. My name is not Frieda. 4. WHY WOULD YOU ASK SOMEONE THAT!?!??! 5. NO.

8.  when the barista in starbucks starts singing loudly and she hasn’t finished ringing you up yet so you don’t know what to do… applaud?

9. when you tell a defense attorney that you’re taking the case and they say “oh good.” Thanks for saying that in front of 15 other attorneys dude

10. when you see a movie with your guy friend and there is a commercial for lane bryant with lots of women in their underwear… since when did movies start having tv commericals anyway?!



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  • Renaissance Teacher

    Oh, I quote HP all the time! I don’t know which is worse…when nobody else gets the reference or when they do and are completely shocked that someone my age (umm…47…yeah) knows Harry Potter well enough to quote it.

    • Katherine Nolden

      You can quote HP to me ALL DAY! And HP knows no age!