2015 in Lists: Week 15

How did your spring cleaning last week go? I think a new vacuum might be going on my to-buy list… Or maybe an apartment with wood floors so I can just swiffer everything!

This weekend while I was spring cleaning/playing tug o’ war with Winston I had Psych episodes playing. There is one episode where Shawn and Gus are in a fort they built starting a secret club. There were, obviously, rules of this secret club, and Gus got to make up one special rule: Love of Correct Grammar. I was wiping down my counter tops and said “Amen Gus.” There are a few things that irk me every time and incorrect grammar is one of the top three.

The other two would be: Time left on the microwave (just hit clear!) and people who interrupt me (seriously just shut it).

I thought it would be interesting to see how my pet peeves changed over the years because incorrect grammar didn’t start bugging me until the last three years or so. Do you think your pet peeves have changed?

This week’s prompt is:

List your Pet Peeves

pet peeve 2

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