2015 in Lists: Week 18

I loved seeing all the ways you chillax last week! I’ve now added meditation, walks outside, and driving aimlessly to my list of things to do to relax.

I’ve been getting my mom’s Mother’s Day gift ready (get excited mom!) and I was reflecting on what to write in that dang card, always a dilemma right? I decided to take a break from this major writing problem and turned t my kitchen. It was a disaster, as always, and my hands just came up and I said to no one in particular, since there was no one around, ‘I just can’t right now.’

Then I froze because my mother does that all the time. I had one of those I’m turning into my mother moments. Do you have those? Where you do or say something and you think did that really just happen?!

I’ve called my mom before and told her I’m turning into you, she just laughs and says I told you so. So in that vein and because Mother’s Day is Sunday…

This week’s prompt:

List what makes you like your Mom


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